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Three Decades On  will be available in selected bookstores, at Lake House and online in May. Pre-orders can be placed at  www.lakehouse.com.au  to receive books in time for Mother's Day.

Well as another year draws to a close, we are as always, very grateful for the successes we have enjoyed, and the wonderful region in which we live and how for most of us, life really is pretty wonderful. Sadly, not everyone who lives in this region are as blessed as us. Whilst we are an incredibly vibrant and cosmopolitan regional area, we still have many people in our community who are struggling to put food on their table or find a roof over their head. We encourage all of our readers - both locals and visitors alike, to dig deep in the coming weeks and donate to Daylesford and District Christmas Cheer. This not-for-profit community organisation work tirelessly all year round to raise money to provide vouchers, food, toys and gifts to families in our region who will be struggling to get through the festive season. You can find them on Facebook or donate via GoFundMe

Heaps of happenings are abound in the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs restaurant scene in the past month with the team behind Galley Diner and Casa El Rey opening Daylesford Steak House in Vincent Street. Situated on the first floor, the space has had a smart fitout reminiscent of a New York steak house with moody lighting, leather sofas and a heated balcony overlooking the main street. We went in the first week of opening and whilst the staff were fairly young and still finding their feet, the service was super friendly and most importantly, the steaks were absolutely bang on. There aren't any foams or emulsions here. This is tried and true old school cooking with a classic steak house menu that includes a daily seafood selection. And we absolutely love it. Call (03) 5301 8157 for bookings.

Bistro Terroir in Howe St Daylesford may have only been open 10 months but they are already leaving their mark and have just picked up the top gong for Best Casual Dining at the recent Golden Plate State Awards. A brilliant and well deserved award to the tiny team headed up by owner/chef Matthew Carnell. Bookings are now more essential than ever. Jump online at bistroterroir.com.au or call 0499 022 212.

Last month's World Circus and Cabaret Festival held in Daylesford was a massive success and saw the grand reopening of The Palais in Hepburn Springs. The fitout is nothing short of world class and one of Australia's largest sprung dance floors is again heaving to some funky tunes with loads of locals and visitors dancing the night away. Whilst the official opening won't be until February, the old girl is throwing open her doors every Wednesday through Sunday from noon with live entertainment on the weekends. This venue alone is worth a midweek or weekend getaway to Spa Country. And don't get us started on the toilets... A complete new basement is now home to what only can be described as a dark, sexy and welcoming sanctuary. Not usually how we describe a venue's toilets but they really are quite lovely! Head to www.palais-hepburn.com for an up-to-date gig guide.

The quaint and utterly delightful Guildford Hotel regularly host events from ukelele classes to live music performances and on Saturday 22 December they will host the annual Guildford Christmas Market in their "Big Back Yard". Local food growers, winemaker, artists, artisans, community groups and big hearted country folk will all gather for a joyous celebration and market whilst you find those unique gifts for Christmas. There will be music, food and drink to keep you entertained as well. For more info call 0429 023 618 or the pub directly on (03) 5473 4215.

So whether you are Christian or not, celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or the Summer Solstice, may the next couple of months bring you peace and joy, allow you to connect with family and friends, give you a chance to pause, change tempo and reflect on the year that has been and prepare you for the year ahead. I will be spending as much time as I can with my loved ones (those with 2 legs and 4) and holding those who are dear to me very close whilst remembering those who are no longer here.

Be safe, be strong, be proud and be happy.
And let's all get lost together again in 2019.

With much love from all of us at Lost.

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