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Back in 2007 the millennial drought was well under way. The country was dry and farming communities were hurting. Clunes, the historic town 40km west of Daylesford, was suffering. Shops were closing and there was an uneasy sense of decline in the community. A group of locals put their minds together and decided to gather some book traders and turn Clunes into a mini book fair for a day. They expected a few hundred people. Six thousand showed up. Not only that but out of a population of 900 people 100 volunteered to help. They called it Booktown and next month sees the 12th annual Booktown at which 18,000 are expected to attend. 

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Spicy G&T

Who said G&T's were purely a summer drink? This spicy cocktail will warm you up as the weather gets cooler.

2 orange slices (for more flavour, use dehydrated or brûléed orange slices)
1 teaspoon cane sugar
1 cinnamon stick
3 star anise pods
60ml Animus Arboretum Gin
150ml Strange Love No. 8 Tonic (or any other great quality tonic) 

Add ice, orange, cinnamon stick and star anise to the glass. Pour gin over the ingredients to help infuse the flavours. Add tonic and stir before drinking. Voila!

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Healing Herbs

Drive to the eastern edge of Daylesford, where the elms begin to give way to farmland. Turn at the Farmers Arms and just before you get to the old railway bridge, take a left and follow the road for a few hundred metres to the old butter factory on your left. What you’re confronted with is a building that is distinctly Ye Olde Worldly, even King Arthur.

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Seasonal Fare

Daylesford’s Farmers Arms Hotel is the type of character-filled, friendly pub that every country town wishes it had - and which dozens of metro pubs have tried try to emulate. The beautiful red brick building, complete with red geraniums in window boxes, gilt sign-writing on windows and clipped hedge houses the quintessential character filled bar.

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