A New Brew

The new Holgate Brewhouse is a complex machine of interconnected stainless steel tanks, tuns, pipes and hoppers. The purpose-built brewery in the heart of Woodend has been years in the planning and will allow the 20 year old craft brewery to expand production from the present 600 000 litres per annum to 5 millions litres within five years. The process has been slow. Deliberately so. 

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Lost News February 2019

Welcome to February! We are hitting the streets a little late this month but thanks to the efforts of the incredible CFA superheroes, a timeline hiccup was the only outcome of the Hepburn Springs fires for us here at Lost Headquarters. Our office is in Hepburn Springs and backs onto the gully where the fires were so we were a little tense over the weekend whilst some of the dramatic photos being posted on social media made it look like an inferno. But thankfully that wasn't the case. 

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Tomato Gazpacho with Cherries and Goats Cheese

Chef David Willcocks worked in the south of Spain where he dined with famed chef Dani Garcia. This is his take on Garcia’s gazpacho. Served well-chilled is a refreshing dish on a hot day. The addition of the cherry puree to the gazpacho lifts the tomatoes with its sweetness and adds an extra dimension to the classic Spanish dish. Garnish with a few ripe tomatoes, pitted cherries, grated frozen cherve, a fillet of good quality Spanish anchovies and pistachios, or equally keep a bottle in the fridge as David does in his house to be enjoyed whenever. 

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Custodians of the Vines

Between Malmsbury and Daylesford is a dead-end lane that dips and swerves with the lay of the land. Zig Zag Road cuts through the last of the fertile basalt soils before they give way to the hard quartz country near Taradale…

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Lost News

Well as another year draws to a close, we are as always, very grateful for the successes we have enjoyed, and the wonderful region in which we live and how for most of us, life really is pretty wonderful…

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Whole Roasted Snapper

We absolutely love Annie Smithers' cooking and her recipes are always generous, easy to follow and full of flavour. Annie lends us her wonderful whole roasted snapper dish for Summer to showcase the new potatoes, fennels and herbs of the season. A great dish for the upcoming balmy evenings…

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Man For All Seasons

So you’re a gardener?” we ask Simon Rickard as we wander past established trees, trimmed hedges and herbaceous borders of his Trentham property. “I was,” he says with a laugh. “But my back isn’t what it was, so I have given up digging holes in the ground and let my brain do the work now…”

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Them’s Real Eggs

When Yandoit farmer Paul Righetti went to register the name Real Eggs for his pasture raised eggs the authorities put the kaibosh on all that. He’d been calling his eggs ‘Real Eggs’ for years but had to settle on Honest Egg Company…

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