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Back to Booktown

Back in 2007 the millennial drought was well under way. The country was dry and farming communities were hurting. Clunes, the historic town 40km west of Daylesford, was suffering. Shops were closing and there was an uneasy sense of decline in the community. A group of locals put their minds together and decided to gather some book traders and turn Clunes into a mini book fair for a day. They expected a few hundred people. Six thousand showed up. Not only that but out of a population of 900 people 100 volunteered to help. They called it Booktown and next month sees the 12th annual Booktown at which 18,000 are expected to attend. 

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Lost in Hepburn

There are some Hepburn locals who do not believe the spring waters have healing powers. Since the Swiss Italians first laid eyes on the mineral rich springs bubbling up from the earth this little warren of forest and gullies has been a magnet to those who wanting to drink the water or to bathe in it…

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