Lost News - October 2019

Despite summer already looming on Now, for some of the wonders this issue has in the horizon, spring seems to be off to a surprisingly slow start. I’m feeling more than a little dissonance, sitting here in my scarf and beanie while the team puts the finishing touches on our second spring issue. Little twists and turns like these leave me anxious and excited in equal measure. Like any good story, life sets you up with certain expectations only to confound in the most frustrating and fascinating ways.

At this point, I have to pause and admit the nerves I’m getting as my words tumble onto the page, filling each line of this document. As Lost’s new editor, I want to see this magazine flourish, enabling our artists to draw out the most intriguing stories in this region of ours. When all’s said and done, I’m just one of the many residents who love this region and the people in it. This October, I’ve searched for the kinds of stories that our wonderful team of writers, photographers, admin, and their family and friends would love to read themselves. Together, we’re striving harder than ever to make Lost a fixture of our cultural landscape.

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Larissa kicked off her Oktoberfest celebrations a touch early down in Woodend at the Holgate Brew House with owner Paul. She was then treated to the meal of a lifetime at Colenso in Kyneton.

Mahmood had a mind-bending time with the artistic duo David Bromley and Hans Boon. Then, he headed just ‘round the corner to uncover the alchemical secrets of Roger McLean’s Herbal Lore Distillery. Lastly, Mahmood had the pleasure of chatting with brilliant architect Robin Larsen on a visit to his stunning home.

Anthony ponders Daylesford’s cultural heritage, while Collette visits Kelly at Greening Spaces to learn about her thriving nursery for her debut piece.

Now, with gratitude and content in my heart... Welcome to October, it’s time to get Lost.