A Girl and Her Green Thumb

A warming sense of pride graces the face of Kelly Anne, Founder of Ballarat’s Greening Spaces. Inside her green haven, you’ll find trends reflecting the flair of the 1970’s, a resurgence of the indoor plant and the beginnings of a humble story. “I would love to get my business out of my home and into its own brick and mortar space to showcase our work” 

 Humans are increasingly expressing a fervent curiosity in connecting with plants, whether it’s following a plant-based diet or carrying biodegradable shopping bags. But predominantly, people are learning that houseplants are an inexpensive, stylish and satisfying way to bring the outdoors in. Science suggests spending time near them lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, reduces mental fatigue, and aids concentration; and the simple act of physically touching their foliage calms us down. 


 “For as long as I can remember, I have always been creating things. It’s ever evolving and not always successful but that is all part of the creative process and I love it” laughs Kelly.

 “A love of house plants led me on a path to hand crafting concrete planter pots for my own growing collection. I have become addicted to the process and unique results from each” shares Kelly. Attention to detail is clearly at the fore front, each pot is meticulously created in favour of the plant. “It can take up to seven days for the vessels to be completed, each sealed to ensure the safety of the plant it will house”. Visiting local markets with her Brutanik planters and connecting with likeminded plant enthusiasts has opened promising new doors for Kelly. “Many people were seeking advice about the care and placement of their plants. It drove me to expand into Greening Spaces, my indoor plant hire and staging business”.

With little social media presence and no advertising to date, Kelly has been overwhelmed by the local word-of-mouth support network that is taking Greening Spaces to new heights. She is quickly landing some big names; Mercure Hotel & Convention Centre is one of the many lucky establishments to be filled with work by Greening Spaces. “Selecting the right plants and pots, creating a unique space and attending maintenance visits is a dream job for me”.


 The thriving plant community in Australia has members by the hundreds of thousands, but at the core, a sense of sharing is what keeps it an honest and an inviting space to be. Kelly Anne is a refined representation of this trait, when asked about exciting milestones she is quick to put others in the industry on a pedestal “Having the chance to work with Munash Organics has been incredible, I was blown away by the kindness and encouragement. They haven’t just helped my plants grow but have helped me grow also”. Kelly continues with energised bursts of inspiration, sharing thoughts of ambition and projects for the future. “So many plans and aspirations! I would love to help everyone achieve an indoor oasis whether it be through supply, styling or education”.

 In line with Kelly and her partner Bren’s taste for art deco aesthetics, it’s fitting that when asked for her top plant pick, she recommends a Monstera Deliciosa. “It is an oldie but a goodie, the perfect low maintenance statement plant. They can grow like crazy, or vines can be trimmed to keep them in tow. But really, why would you want to trim down those gorgeous lush split leaves? Much like an elephant, everyone notices when there is a Monstera in the room”.

Greening Spaces