Lost News - September 2019

Life is fleeting... Even more reason to become lost. Lost in our region, lost in our work, lost in our family and friends, lost in ourselves. We

have seen snow. We have seen rain. We have felt the chilling cold. The dormancy of winter has made us appreciate the importance of respecting our seasonal foods and preserving what we can.

Spring is waking up and boldly reminding us how important all the seasons are.

We have been busy bees again in the Lost office. Larissa discovers a hidden gem
in the back blocks of Castlemaine aka Johnny Baker. She then meanders down the road to Kyneton to learn how the new kid on the block at Musk Wine Lane makes a pretty damn good wine.

Mahmood talks to Paul, the exceptionally talented local artist, who has painted
12 local identities. He also writes a fascinating story about Donald from Pride Furniture. Donald graces our September cover and oozes creativity. Mahmood heads out to Musk to engage in a couples

adventure in the successful purchase of Stuart Rattle’s former majestic property that is Musk Farm. Our new writer for September Michael Harden visits Holy Goat and discovers the clever girls who are not only passionate about cheese making, but are also brilliant at it.

Anthony rounds our stories off with a reminiscence of his childhood that just happened to involve a few bees.

With some beautiful images to compliment our equally beautiful stories, please relax and enjoy our little magazine, that is Lost.