Bloody Hell, Mary!

Photography by Danny Wootton

Belvedere Social will be hosting a daily aperitivo during the Swiss Italian Festa, from 4-6pm, with Salvatore Rossano (piano accordion) and Emiliano Beltzer (guitar) playing Southern Italian songs from 4.30pm on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October.

Bloody Mary (With a Lost Twist!)


120ml fire roasted tomato juice 

60ml quality vodka
(foxxy's cellarbrations have an enormous range of quality vodka)

6 dashes worcestershire sauce

3 dashes tabasco (5-6 for spicy)

15ml pickle brine 

pinch Murray river pink salt

pinch freshly ground black pepper

1/4 lime

1/4 lemon


marinated mt franklin cherry tomatoes

celery stalk

adsum farmhouse pickles

fried celery leaves 


Roll (pour to aerate) all ingredients except lime and lemon between to 2 large cocktail glasses or jugs about 6 times 

Pour contents into highball glass, squeeze in lemon and lime wedges, add ice.

Garnish with marinated hellfire tomatoes (see Page 31), celery stalk and pickles.

Fire Roasted Tomato Juice


8 large Mt Franklin organic tomatoes 

1tsp paprika

Clam or mussel juice

sherry to taste


Over an open flame (stove top or bbq), char the tomatoes until skins start to blacken. Roast tomatoes in an oven for 1 hr at 120c. Remove and blend tomatoes with paprika until liquefied. Strain through a fine sieve and store until needed. (Will last for up to a week in fridge)

To get clam or mussel juice- put clams or mussels in a pot with a lid with enough water or sherry to steam them (about 1/4 cup for 500 grams of mussels) it should take about 1 minute after water starts boiling. The liquid remaining after the clams or mussels have opened is a delicious broth you can use to make a sauce for your dish. Pinch about 15ml per drink and add to your fire roasted tomato juice for added complexity.