Lost News - May 2019


As we hurtle at break-neck speed toward Winter, there is still no sign of any real rain or even a dramatic cooling of temperature. The hottest, driest Summer on record is still wreaking havoc for our farmers and gardeners although the brilliant Autumnal colours showering streets in reds and golds seem quite oblivious to this unusually mild weather. Here's hoping the rains come soon before the frosts arrive. 

Richard Cornish is back and no-one is more pleased than I. It is such a pleasure to work with him every month. I experience such joy in reading his stories and learning more about the wonderful array of talented folk that live in this region. This month sees our first story in our new section Lost Property. Richard sat down with Lynda Gardener, a remarkable woman who has achieved almost cult status in the world of interiors and Instagram. She is also a very dear friend of ours here at Lost Magazine and it was hard to choose just a few select images from the magnificent selection taken by another talented Central Victorian local, photographer Marnie Hawson

To celebrate, we are giving away a nights stay at Lynda's White House in Daylesford. Turn to page 29 for your chance to win. 

A fairly steady stream of visitors has seen me play tourist in my own region in the past month which is always a lot of fun. It never ceases to impress me that for a collection of fairly small country towns, we have some pretty incredible places to explore, shop and dine. An evening at Sault was a real celebration of what it means to eat local food. Our table overlooked the kitchen garden where the food we were eating had only been picked earlier that day. And at the end of the evening, we were handed a tiny yellow envelope that had been decorated by the owners children. Inside contained a selection of kale seeds that they had been carefully preserved from the kitchen when preparing the harvest. It was the sweetest gift and a truly beautiful expression of Sault's philosophy around growing food and the importance of vegetables. 

So it was with a very old seed making kit, I cut up some pages from old Lost magazines and made little seedling pots. It is a little late in the year to be planting kale, but if we go by the weather and not the calendar, it still feels remarkably like late Summer. 

Until next month, stay safe and get lost.