Nectarine & Raspberry House Punch

words and photography by Bess Mucke

Belvedere Social will be hosting a daily aperitivo during the Swiss Italian Festa, from 4-6pm, with Salvatore Rossano (piano accordion) and Emiliano Beltzer (guitar) playing Southern Italian songs from 4.30pm on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October.

Summer and the festive season… time to call your friends, light up the bbq and make punch!

PREP TIME: min 8 hours

8 nectarines or peaches, sliced
2 punnets raspberries or strawberries
Big handful of sweet ripe cherries
1 cup caster sugar
Half bottle peach schnapps or peach liqueur
6-8 lemons, juiced
Half bottle of your favourite dark rum
One bottle of your favourite white rum 

SERVE IN: Large punch bowl and punch cups. 


Day Before…

1. Place nectarines and 1&1/2 punnet raspberries in an airtight container, covered with sugar. Leave in the fridge overnight or up to 24 hours to draw out the flavor and juice to make a fruit nectar. 

2. Make a large ice block that will fit in your punch bowl, by filling a container with water and freezing it overnight. 

3. Put remaining half punnet of raspberries in the freezer. 

On the Day…

4. Place the large iceblock in your punch bowl and pour over the combined alcohol, lemon juice and strained fruit nectar, reserving fruit solids. 

5. To serve, add cracked ice cubes, a ladle of punch, some fruit pieces and  frozen raspberries to each cup. Garnish with fresh cherries.

Lost Magazine warmly congratulate Bernard, Bess and the hard-working team at Belvedere Social for their fantastic achievements at the recent Golden Plate Awards. 

Winner: Casual Dining
Winner: Best Customer Service
Winner: Best Chef, Matthew Carnell
Winner: Best Cellar of Local Wine, Beer and Cider
Highly Commended: Most Outstanding FOH, Bernard Glaude

Winner: Casual Dining
Winner: Best Chef, Matthew Carnell
Winner: Best Cellar of Local Wine, Beer and Cider