Scallops from Sault

Compiled by Sarah Lang
Recipe supplied by Hugh Maxwell, Sault

One of our favourite restaurants in the region, Sault, has always had a strong commitment to
a paddock-to-plate philosophy. About two years ago, owner Damien Aylward along with head
gardeners, Jon Harrison and Rhyce Watmore undertook a massive project to overhaul and
expand the restaurants kitchen garden. The results are now starting to reap rewards including
being a key drawcard for well known local chef Hugh Maxwell who joined the Sault team a
couple of months ago.

Hugh's passion runs in the family and his mother, Robyn Davies is now also
working with the garden team planting a wide variety of rare and heirloom varietals including purple Sicily cauliflower, salsify and NZ warrigal greens. We recently dined at Sault to celebrate our birthday (both mine and Lost magazines) and this was one of our favourite dishes. Hugh and the team have kindly shared the recipe with us for you to recreate at home.  


Scallops, squid ink, candied chili, tapioca crisp, caviar

Serves 4 Entrée size

50g best quality caviar available 

500g best quality sustainable scallops available

50g unsalted butter

Good Quality Sea salt to taste

Oil for pan searing

In a medium-hot pan sear scallops on one side and turn over add butter and glaze till cooked through.

Squid ink
30 ml squid ink
100ml homemade or Kewpie mayo
Mix both ingredients together with a whisk and set aside

Candied chilli
50g fine Julienne chilli
100ml sugar syrup (50g sugar/50ml water)

In a small saucepan, bring sugar syrup to the boil, place chilli in for approximately one minute. Strain and dust with caster sugar and dehydrate for 12 hours at 45˚C

Tapioca crisp
100g tapioca starch
10g squid ink
2g oil
80g water

Mix starch, oil, squid ink in a blender, mix until combined, add water continuously until all combined and continue to blend for one minute, spread in between layers of cling film and roll to approx. 2 ml thick. Steam for ten minutes at 100˚C let cool and set. Then take cling film off and dehydrate for 12 hours at 45˚C. Deep fry at 180˚C until puffed and salt to taste. 


Swipe squid ink mayo on a plate, arrange scallops and garnish with caviar, candied chilli, tapioca crisp, leaves or edible flower of choice. 

Sault; 2349 Ballan-Daylesford Rd,
Sailors Falls; 03 5348 6555;

Photography: Above left, Hugh Maxwell by
Jo O'Kelly; Above insert and cover image by
Jezriel Gainino (@journeywithjezreil)